Saturday, September 4, 2010

Picking Up The Missing Pieces

Do you ever feel like something’s missing, that you lack something that others seem to have? Do you find yourself devoid of feelings and wonder why? Does it seem like others have a roadmap – they know where they’re going but you don’t? You wonder what’s wrong and more importantly – are you to blame?

Most likely the problem is not something you caused or are responsible for, but there are missing pieces in your life and they can be found. As a kid I loved adventure and treasure hunting stories, like those by Mark Twain or The Hardy Boys. These folks had adventures and found something that would change their lives. I felt that something was missing and if I just found it my life would be complete.

Later on, I found that I was right. Some things had been missing and I found them in relationships with others and with God.

Trust, security, connection, warmth, enjoyment, affirmation, acceptance, understanding and unconditional love: These are some of the treasures I have accumulated along the way with friends, loved ones and God. They were missing, or at best inconsistently provided as I was growing up.

So how do I identify what is missing and find a way to get those needs met?

That is your unique journey. For some the issues are obvious, and the solution is reaching out into unfamiliar, uncertain and maybe frightening territory. For others it takes a lot of soul searching and discovery, both alone and with others. The one thing that is common to both is this: isolation is the enemy of hope and health. 

What’s missing for you?


  1. Good blog! I liked it and can relate! I'm still on the search myself. Trying to remember and realize that God's perfect love casts out fear. I sit with God and I say, "Here I am" and I'm learning to just be instead of do. Even in my prayer times! Keep up the blogging!