Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Importance of Fathers

Father’s Day brings up so many varied emotions in people – respect, love, sadness, anger, fear, longing and often apathy. It is rarely neutral, however. I am always touched when I see the loving connection of fathers and children at church. I think “These kids will have a distinct advantage in life.”

I could roll out all kinds of statistics showing the correlation between those who are in the prison system and fatherlessness. But those are well known to most of us and there is little disagreement. But the impact of fathers goes far beyond simply being physically present or absent in a child’s life. The emotional connection is a huge force in the life of a son or daughter.   

I have seen grown up men break down and cry when talking about their fathers. I have seen gentle men tense up and get uncharacteristically angry when the subject of father came up. I have seen girls weep over the relationship that never quite solidified because their dads did not try to really know them.

But I have also heard many really warm stories about how dads are heroes or role models or protectors. And I am not just talking about bio-dads, but those who have stepped into the role and done a remarkable job.

Interesting facts: 

  • Girls with a good relationship with their father are less likely to be promiscuous. 
  • Kids with a strong father relationship are less likely to get in serious trouble with the law. 
  • Kids with a father to back up their mother are more likely to learn to accept authority. 
  • Kids with a father in the home are less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol. 
  • Boys with a good father model are more likely to respect and treat women well. 
  • Kids with a strong father connection are more likely to take necessary risks and be more self confident. 
  • Having a positive relationship with a father dramatically shapes our view of God 

This is in no way to dismiss the incredible jobs that many single moms do, but most single moms I know wish they had a strong good man in house to share the load.

I am going to post a link on my Facebook page to my Dropbox with an audio file worth listening to. It is from a recovery series by Daryl Pitts on the View of God. I really recommend that you listen to it – and send me feedback. It is my Father’s Day gift to you.    

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